This I Believe – English 102 Review

Looking back at the “This I Believe discussion” back in Week 2 of this class, I think I have grown as a writer. However, I still largely take the same stance on things such as stating the facts and trying to have an unbiased opinion in my writing.

In English 102, I have written far more interesting content than back in English 101, at least in my view. By writing about “The Science Of Shopping,” I learned that stores are made to make us buy things even more than we thought. They have observed us so much, that stores even know that most of us go to the right side of a store when buying things.

I also analyzed the HBO TV show “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver.” While I already did enjoy the show beforehand, I think that my appreciation for the show has grown because I analyzed it. When you look at something from a different angle, whether it is a TV show or a video game. I think this analyzation is what made me especially love this week’s main piece.

Last, but certainly not least, I wrote about the ethics of leaked movie trailers and why they can actually be a good thing, despite studio’s opinions. Even though studios may argue that it hurts their product since it can’t be marketed when they want it to be, it helps. Because the 1st trailer for Age Of Ultron was leaked, expectations for the movie were very high and resulted in the movie making a profit of $1.3 billion, becoming the 6th highest-grossing movie of all time (when not adjusted for inflation). This is especially the case with Deadpool, because of the test footage had not leaked online, it’s highly unlikely that the movie would not exist at all.

I think I still have kept my integrity intact, even when talking about my opinion on leaked movie trailers. I still look at all the facts I can get before working on a blog post (or any homework for this class). Because of the lessons I have learned this semester, I believe I will also be able to improve my professional writing, which is found at The Droid Guy. That is one of the best benefits of this class, and I am grateful for it.


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