A Reflection On The Semester


With this week, it is now the end of my second semester here at UAT. I think, since I have gotten more experience and am more used to the college environment, that it was a lot better than my first semester. I did much more of my homework, had more help from teachers and other people, and got mostly better grades overall.

In the past 15 weeks, I feel that my writing has improved. If you look at the differences between my “Where I’m From” blog post and my “Net Neutrality” post, there are a lot of subtle differences. I do not have a passion for writing poetry at all. I do, however, have a passion for the Net Neutrality movement. I essentially cobbled together random things for the “Where I’m From” poem, but I spent a lot of time working on my “Net Neutrality” post. When something is interesting to me, that is when I pursue it to the fullest extent. If something is not interesting to me, I essentially treat it as if it does not exist. That is something I will continue to work on next semester in English 102.

My strengths as a writer, as I said in the last paragraph, come from when I am interested in a topic and style of writing. If I am bored or uninterested in a topic, it is very difficult for me to be motivated to write about it, much less in a good way. For the ad dissection I did on the second Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer and the MacBook POV posts, I was very engaged in them. However, the “Where I’m From” topic was one I was not very interested in, and it suffered as a result.

As per texts, I did not really read anything created by my peers. I know it may sound rude, but I have better things to do with my time. I also did not read any books, as literature bores me. During the semester, I only saw 1 movie, which was Kingsman: The Secret Service. As I watched it, besides thinking it was excellent, the script was very well done. It was sharp, witty, and all the actors did a great job with their roles. If anyone has not seen it, they really should once it comes out for rent or purchase. For TV shows, during the semester I watched Agent Carter, The Simpsons, Agents Of SHIELD, and Daredevil. All were very well done, but Agent Carter really stuck out to me as the best. In it, it is 1947, just after the end of World War 2. The main character is Peggy Carter, who is a woman working in a predominantly man’s dominated world. They handled it very well, even if it was a little overdone at times. She pretty much helped save the day, while other characters just sort of helped or did nothing. It was very well done and an excellent period piece. Daredevil was also amazing, since most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is bright and cheerful. This show was the polar opposite, being very dark. There was a lot of violence, which I can’t really say as those are all spoilers. But if you have Netflix and have watched the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s other properties, you should definitely watch this show. And none of those movies or TV shows are optional, as they’re all connected.

The one assignment that was probably the most challenging was the “Where I’m From” blog post. As I have said elsewhere in this essay, I was not heavily invested in the idea of poetry, so I did not do very well on it. I did very well on my “Net Neutrality” post however, as I am very interested in that topic. If someone asked me what my favorite post was, it was probably my “Net Neutrality” post, as it was my best piece of work.

I still publish a blog. I have a private blog (of a link to which I will not expose) and I also write for The Droid Guy. My private blog is not updated very often, so I mostly just keep the domain around these days. however, The Droid Guy is primarily where I write non-school related work (other than on social media). I also get paid to write on that website. When I write a lot and make a good paycheck, it feels very good. It is also fun, as it is about the cell phone carriers, new phones and tablets, and other related topics. I have done peer review on that site about once or twice, but only if I am writing a big story, such as when I reviewed the third-party app Tweedle for Twitter and when I tested out the Galaxy S5 in a Best Buy store about a month before it was released in 2014. Those blog posts may be old, but I still look back at them fondly.

So I think my second semester went a lot better than my first semester did. I reached out more for help, did more work, and did better work as a result. I hope to continue this trend into the third semester and beyond, for as long as I am in English classes.


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