My Dorm Room

Dorm Room

My dorm room very much defines who I am. I have many possessions, ranging from the computer on my desk, to the Wii U below it. My room (organization of some possessions on desk notwithstanding) is very clean, which may cause people to assume that I am generally a neat person. I even have a small trash can next to my desk, exemplifying that I believe that is something is trash, it goes into the trash.

My Wii U and various Mario posters around my dorm room clearly state that I have an interest in video games and, more specifically, Super Mario games. The Wii U is the only console on the market that plays Nintendo games. With the Wii U gamepad placed onto a stand on my desk, people who look at my room will know that I am proud of that particular possession (which I acquired almost two months ago) and the entertainment it brings.

The most prominent thing on my desk is my computer. I have had this device since the fall of 2013, when it was released. It has travelled all over the country with me and gone under a lot of stress, as seen by the dirty screen, dust, and bottom feet falling off. With this machine on my desk, people will assume that I love it very much and use it quite often.

Then there is my bed. It is not folded and set up properly, indicating that I use it rather than sleeping on the floor. The most notable thing on  my bed is the blue neck pillow. People will no doubt be confused of its purpose before I explain it, but then they will probably get it. I am unable to sleep without it (my neck is too used to it) and it is a necessity for me to have anywhere I go. It is yet another possession I am glad to own.

This is just a reflection on a small amount of the items in my room. I could have written about many others, but these are the most prominent in my life. There are many items out there, but only these are distinctly mine.


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