Avengers: Age Of Ultron Ad (Trailer)


In the discussion thread, I discussed the poster for Marvel’s movie “Avengers: Age Of Ultron.” Here, I will be dissecting the trailer.

The one thing that can be definitely be thought by viewers of this trailer is that the movie will be dark. A light movie that could be used as an example is the original Avengers, while a dark movie is The Dark Knight.

The movie can be considered dark due to the ominous piano overtones and the scenes where the heroes are constantly under attack, angry, or nervous. James Spader, from the TV show “The Blacklist” narrates over a large portion of this trailer. With the words, “Everyone creates the thing they dread” and “I’m gonna tear you apart… from the inside,” absolutely implies that Ultron will be a very bad villain who will attack them psychologically, along with physically. When mental attacks are brought into play, movies are generally very dark.

The trailer also shows action scenes, most notably of the fight between the Hulkbuster (of which Iron Man is inside) and the Hulk. These scenes are in there to convince people that this movie will be action-heavy and leans towards people who like that genre. Since the original Avengers movie in 2012 made over $1 billion, the new sequel is on track to make even more.

The hype for this movie is so high, that the first trailer was leaked online a week early. That is how badly people want to see this movie. Someone at Disney is willing to sacrifice their job to service Marvel’s fans.


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