A Letter

Dear Future Me,

Welcome to college graduation. I hope your experience in college has fun. I hope that in your time here, you were not ridiculed as hard as you were originally for having an iPhone and a Mac. I also hope you eventually got a next-generation video gaming system, most likely the Wii U for Super Smash Bros, among other games.

I hope that everything has worked out for you relating to getting to know people better and hopefully making a couple friends. I also hope you were successful with those certain people on the Internet that you know like you at your current timing back in your freshman year. I hope that you got to meet a couple of them in person either back at home or during the college part of the year, which probably was almost all of it.

I hope that you still went to Macworld in San Francisco in whenever time it was during the past few years. I hope there you met more people from the Internet and became good friends with them and also just hung out in general even after the conference days were over.

I hope that you have the current iPhone in your hand and are looking forward to the next one coming later your current fall year. I also do you have a job at this point that what you can afford more than one phone for year and buying lots and lots of food. I also hope that you have done well with the certain program that you know about and that T-Mobile has gotten better service over the last few years, to nearly match AT&T or Verizon. If it matches Verizon, then they have done really well.

There’s not much else I can think about, but this feels like when I wrote that thing in freshman year for when we were in senior year of high school. That letter was quite interesting, and not all of it panned out, but it was good to read it. I hope that this also helps you.

Matthew Miller


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